FREE Truck Rental at Route 4 Storage

Published on 1/21/2020

Free moving truck at Route 4 Storage


Moving Truck Rentals: Everything you need to know


According to recent research, moving to a new house is deemed more stressful than a relationship breakdown, getting a divorce, or even starting a new job. A poll of 2000 adults showed that almost 2 out of 3 of them placed moving at the top of their list of stressors. Yikes!

Loaded with this information, we at Route 4 Outdoor & Self Storage has come up with a few ways to help de-stress the process. For starters, we offer a free rental truck for our first-time customers, which helps you transport your belongings to our storage facility quickly and efficiently. 

Advantages include:

·      Hiring a truck only costs you the storage rental, as the truck rental is free!

·      The truck has ramp access

·      The truck comes equipped with hand and furniture dollies 

·      We provide an appliance dolly that includes a strap

·      We provide moving blankets and cargo tie-downs for your convenience

·      We offer a Ford 6.8L V10 205hp enginevehicle

·      Power steering, air conditioning and automatic transmission fitted as standard


To provide further support, we’ve also put together some top tips for packing and driving the truck, because we like to be helpful, but we also want you to be safe! Read on to discover our best advice.


Renting the truck


Before you rent a truck, there are a few key things you need to check. These include:


1.     That you have a valid and up-to-date license.

(Note: Route 4 can only rent to licensed drivers over the age of 21. You will need to bring your current driver’s license.)

2.     You have a credit card to start the rental process.

3.     You’ve worked out the correct size needed for storage.

4.     You’ve timed your packing and planned your route to stay within the truck’s rental terms and conditions.

(Note: Route 4 offer a 4-hour morning or afternoon slot and up to 30 miles for free). 


Packing the truck

As most truck rentals are time constrained, it’s important you do some prep work before loading the truck.

Step 1

Consider the roles of everyone who’s helping you. Who’s packing boxes, who’s loading boxes, and who’s overseeing where those boxes go in the truck? Assigning roles will reduce confusion, create an efficient system and help speed up the process.

Step 2

It’s a good idea to put your heavy items in the truck first. For ease, make sure they’re the items nearest the front door. Instruct anyone who’s helping that they need to load the items into the truck in weight order. If you’re stacking the items, the heaviest and sturdiest items need to go in first.

Step 3

Maximize your space! Think of it like a jigsaw. You want to minimize the movement in the truck as much as possible to avoid potential breakages. This is especially important with your valuables. You can protect them by wrapping them in blankets and packing them smartly.

Step 4

Packing guidelines will reduce stress levels and potential risks. We suggest ticking off some basics below

·      Use clean and sturdy boxes and tape up any gaps

·      Load larger and heavier items first so there’s enough space to move around

·      Weight distribution needs to be even to maintain control while driving

·      Packing straps are your friend – use as many as possible for added security

·      Blankets will protect more valuable and breakable items


Driving the truck

Unless you do it for a living, driving a truck is pretty unfamiliar to most of us. It might surprise you that a lot of preparation is needed before you turn those keys and get rolling.

Firstly, you need to plan your route. Most smart phones have a GPS system, but a sat-nav or someone with good local knowledge of the roads is useful. The last thing you want is an adventure into the unknown, especially when you’re time limited. 

Secondly, be aware that accidents can happen, so ensuring you have the right moving insurance will save you a lot of money should a collision occur. Insurance will vary from state to state, but a collision damage waiver will save truck repair costs in the event of something unfortunate happening.

Lastly, remember to fill the tank. You will need to replace what you use before you return it, otherwise you’ll be charged. 

Once you’re at the wheel, here are some checks and tips we recommend.

1.     Introduce yourself to the truck.Where are the indicators? What about the lights? Those windshield might need a good wash… how do you do that? What’s the biting point? Is the brake stiff or light? 

Familiarizing yourself with all these features is important before setting off on your journey.

2.     Align your mirrors!Enough said. 

3.     Check the manual so you know any other truck-specific details.

4.     Be awareof the rules of the road, the weather and any hazards on your route. They are all important considerations that can potentially disrupt your journey. It’s best to know in advance so you can make a contingency plan.

5.     Consider clearance heights! This is an obvious one, but it can add a lot of time onto your journey if they’re not taken into account. Adjust your route as needed by checking the height of the truck and memorizing it before you drive under anything with a clearance restriction.

6.     Stops and turns can be tricky with a rental truck, which can be up to eight times heavier than your usual vehicle. This means you need to adapt your driving styleby keeping in mind the precious cargo in the back! If you remain cautious, take wide turns and come to a stop as slowly as possible, these changes will ensure your driving is as safe as it can be.

7.     Remember that you are in a large vehicle with no rear-view mirror. That means you need to be extra vigilantand check your wing-mirrors and blind spots as often and safely as possible. Keep track of the road and what’s around you, including cyclists and motorbikes who can often be missed because of their size.

8.     Pay close attention to road signs.Merging into a new lane, steering onto an exit ramp or moving out of a faster lane are all dangerous maneuvers when you’re in a truck. You must be certain that you can do any of them safely before committing to them.

So, there you have it. Following our checks and tips will help ensure your truck hire is seamless and safe, your sanity remains intact and your move is stress-free! There is no need for added worry, which is why choosing a trusted, affordable and knowledgeable company will go a long way to guaranteeing a positive experience.

At Route 4 Outdoor & Self Storage, we offer a free truck rental for all our tenants moving their possessions. We want to help aid the stressful process, which is why we are happy to let you make use of our 16-foot Ford Box Truck with Ramp to transport your belongings to our storage facility.

For further information and all terms and conditions, please visit our Free Truck Rental page here.