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Published on 1/25/2020

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The benefits of 24-hour Self Storage Access

When it comes to finding a self-storage provider, there are many options on the market to consider. However, 24-hour storage is fast becoming the #1 choice due to the convenience, security and optimized features at your fingertips. At Route 4 Storage, we offer 24-hour access without compromising on security, with entry granted through a gate that each customer has an individual 6-digit passcode for. Once inside, access to your personal storage unit is only possible using the key to your personal lock system, which you will source yourself.

Here are some other benefits of 24 hour storage: 

Self-storage facilities are efficient and user friendly

Unmanned or part-manned sites often allow general access, as is the case with Route 4 Self Storage in Berwick, Maine. This means you are able to use and manage your unit in your own time quickly and efficiently. We do offer 24 hour security and if any issues are to arise, tenants can call the customer service at 207.384.6251 for assistance. When it comes to researching and committing to a self-storage facility, 24-hour provisions often offer the option to apply online, which bypasses the middleman and allows customers to gain access within minutes. In short, this automation often makes it easier, quicker and cheaper for those looking for a storage unit.

Only you have access to your storage unit

As you provide your own lock and key for your storage unit, you are the only one who has access to it. If you add someone onto your account, then they will only have access to the gate code. You will need to give them a key to your unit’s lock in order for them to have access to your storage unit as well. 

Digitalization and automation is the future

As we move into an increasingly digital world, 24-hour self-storage facilities offer the tech-savvy amongst us a simple time and cost saving solution. It cuts out the lengthy face to face interactions and allows customers to benefit from a modern and progressive storage provision. At Route 4 Self Storage, you can rent online using our website in less than 5 minutes. By signing the e-lease, you are able to gain access to your storage unit immediately.

24-hour storage units are just as secure as traditional units

Crime exists all over the world, so any storage unit that promises zero risk is misleading. However, any reputable storage unit can and will take every precautionary measure to ensure their sites are protected and safe. This is no different with 24-hour storage. At Route 4 Self Storage, we ensure our site remains as secure as possible for your peace of mind, with motion sensor lights and digital video surveillance just two ways we ward off intruders. We also offer advice and tips on how to manage and maintain your unit so it stays protected against intruders, adverse weather and any potential pests!

Most insurers accept self-storage providers

At Route 4 Self Storage, we have a monthly rental agreement, pro-rate the first month up and are on a month to month period. We also recommend a high security lock, such as a disc lock to better protect your unit from potential thieves. If you are looking to take out insurance, we advise customers to check with their provider regarding the conditions they’ll accept. Some insurers won’t insure units unless a certain padlock is used, while others will ask their customers to store their goods in a certain way, e.g., in plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones. If you don’t comply with what’s expected of you, then your insurance can potentially be invalidated. We do require some type of insurance for your unit, so if you do not have a home owners or renters insurance, we have insurance available for a small monthly fee.

At Route 4 Self Storage, we provide modern, clean, secure and affordable 24-hour self-storage units. We have a range of sizes to suit all requirements, and we’re conveniently located 565 Portland Street in Berwick, Maine 03901. Get in touch to see how we can help and answer any questions you may have. 

Route 4 Self Storage benefits:

·      24-hour Access for FREE

·      Great Customer Service

·      Onsite Security

·      Digital Video Surveillance

·      Online Bill Pay

·      Variety of Unit Sizes Available

·      Drive-up Access

·      NO SETUP FEES!!

·      RV & Boat Parking

·      Free Moving Truck!


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